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Dinner Party

Who We Are

OC's Premier Clean Foods Caterer

At Cali Event Co we are driven by the goal of putting good out in the the community with quality local ingredients and thoughtful preparation. Using real ingredients from local farmers helps us to offer a variety of menu options to accommodate most dietary preferences.

We pride ourselves on treating each guest like family and have highly trained staff to provide unmatched expert service. No matter the size, location or theme of your event, we are passionate about our commitment to its success.

We are a true family business down to our core.   We started as a Father-Daughter dream and now with over 20 years in business we have created a larger family with our staff and customers. With most employees with us over a decade we all work from our heart and with the shared goal of simply putting good out in to the communities around us.


 Most prices based on a headcount of 100 people or more. Events under 100 people in most cases can be accommodated with a slight difference in price and execution.

  Eat Clean

Eat Real 

 Eat Local 


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